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Ecofresh Smart Toilet Seat Review

ECOFRESH INTHECONNECTION has created a beautiful smart toilet seat and bidet with wireless control and lots of useful functions.

The seat is available in different language versions including English, Chinese, And Russian. The remote controller can be attached to a wall and has big buttons with simple explanations. It allows you to activate flush, spa, bidet, drying, eco mode, as well as choose between different settings such as water and seat temperature, water pressure, dry air temperature, position and so on.

The set has an inbuilt children mode: when you switch it on it makes all the work automatically without requiring to choose additional controls. It’s also exceptionally good for the elderly. By the way, there’s also a removable child seat that is great for small children. Of course, you are free to choose a cheaper version without it if you don’t have children and don’t need it.

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There’s a set of lights on the back part of the seat that indicate all required information, including its temperature, sensor on/off and so on.

It would take so much time to mention all functions Ecofresh smart toilet seat has. To name just a few, it’s mobile buttocks and female wash, massage wash, children wash, nozzle self-clearing, seat sensor, seat heating, warm air drying, night light, one key to clean option, leakage protection, electricity saving mode, automatic deodorization, and many more.

Ecofresh Smart Toilet Seat











  • Mute design
  • Tons of options
  • Wireless controls
  • Child friendly

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