SUNLU SL-300 Printing Pen Review

SUNLU® SL-300 is a 3D printing pen with affordable price and nice features, good for crafting, modeling, and just having fun.

This printing pen uses special plastic filament that melts at a high temperature and allows you to create three-dimensional plastic objects of practically any size and shape. It’s exceptionally handy for drawing 3D objects from the paper (or even your imagination directly) to real life.

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SL-300 comfortably fits in your hand, its lenth is 18 cm, and diameter is 24 mm. It operates at DC 12V 2A using a 24 W power supply. The pen uses ABS PLA plastic filament with 1.75 mm diameter. You can use any filament of the size, and there are 2 pieces that come in the package to start with. Unfortunately, it’s delivered at random color and you can’t choose it – buy you can always buy the one you need.

Please look carefully the instruction, different filament should use different temperature (e.g. 180° for ABS, 165° for PLA), otherwise it will easy to block the nozzle. You can set the temperature using the buttons on the pen.

What’s inside the package:
1 x 3D printer pen
1 x Power adapter
1 x Pen holder
2 x Filament
1 x Instruction










  • Easy to use
  • Can work with different filament
  • Temperature monitor

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