TK109 GPS Tracker Watch Review

This wristwatch has inbuilt GPS/GSM/GPRS trackers which makes it a good choice for kids and elderly people.

TK109 GPS Watch has a built-in GPS module and GSM / GPRS modem that supports quad frequency bands, e.g. 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It uses Internet positioning software service center to receive and send positioning information.

The watch works efficiently even in limited spaces like downtown. It can boast fast signal acquisition and low energy consumption. Its special chip architecture allows for single positioning and continuous tracking.

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The watch supports alarming and remote monitoring, and has a fast dial button. It can be used for emergency situations and timely sends location information by SMS or via Internet – you just need to press the SOS button. There’s also a real-time tracking opportunity that will help you watch your children without disturbing them.

The watch is just 64.5*45.5*17.5 mm, its weight is 330 g. It uses Sim900B GSM/GPRS module and SIRF3 GPS chip, its accuracy is as precise as 5 meters. GPS positioning that is used as a backup option has accuracy between 100-500 meters. The speed accuracy is just 0.1 m/s.

The watch can hot-start in less than 1 second, and warm start takes less than 38 seconds. It uses 450 mAh battery that lasts for more than 48 hours.

TK109 GPS watch is a great choice for your children or elderly relatives: they can always send a SOS message to you, and at the same time you can always find out their position by simply sending a remote request. And apart from that, it’s a nice watch with beautiful design!

TK109 GPS Watch











  • GPS/GSM/GPRS positioning
  • Emergency button
  • Nice design
  • Fast hot start

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