Xiaomo CG010 Mini Smart Camera Review

Xiaomo CG010 is a miniature smart camera with quadcore processor, 8GB internal memory, 13 megapixel sensor, Wi-Fi and intelligent gesture recognition system. It’s perfect for making selfies as well as everyday photos and videos.

The heart of Xiaomo CG010 is quadcore Cortex A53 processor. It’s coupled with built-in 8Gb flash storage for your photos and videos. You can also add up to 32Gb with any external TF memory card.

The camera has PDAF focus lens with 76-degree FOV and f2.2 aperture paired with 13 MP Samsung BSI HD sensor and blue glass infrared filter. This combinations gives absolutely stunning results!

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Xiaomo CG010 is equipped with 910 mAh rechargeable battery, it has enough juice to power as many as 2000 photos on a single charge. At the same time the camera is very lightweight (just 65 g) so it’s really easy to carry it around. Its small size (47 x 47 x 27mm) also allows you to use it comfortably for your daily life recordings.

The camera comes with magnetic sticker and stable 360-degree foundation so that you can place it anywhere and at any possible angle. Finally, there’s a smart photoshop function that makes the pictures more beautiful, and smart gesture control that frees your hands while taking photos.

We’d like to tell more about the latter. At the moment there are two gestures available, the first one is fist: raising your hand and clenching your fist will make the camera capture a photo. The second one is victory sign, it’s also recognized by this smart camera as a command to take a photo. You may also connect the camera to your phone app (Android 5.1 or more and iOS 9.0 or above are supported) via Wi-Fi to get access to more settings.

Xiaomo CG010










Picture quality



  • Powerful processor
  • Smart gestures control
  • High quality lens
  • Samsung imaging sensor
  • Wi-Fi app control

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