Aqualin 11 Station Garden Automatic Irrigation Controller Review

Aqualin 11 is an automated irrigation controller and watering system timer.

It is available in 11-station configuration, has pump start relays, rain delay settings, and is ideal for professional irrigation for golf courses, garden, lawn, farmland.

The working voltage is the following: input AC 230V or AC 240V, 35VA, output AC 24V. Aqualin 11 should be installed on an outdoor waterproof tank. It has 6 separate programs, each of which has six time control settings. The running time is from 1 minute to 12 hours 59 minutes for each station. You can set irrigation schedule for 7 days, odd/even days, or select any time frame from daily to every 15th day.

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There’s a possibility to connect a rain sensor, and Aqualin 11 will be interrupted while it’s raining outside. It’s also possible to temporarily disable the rain sensor. It’s also possible to quickly adjust water flow from 10% to 200%. And on top of that, there’s an included standby battery: in case of power supply interruption Aqualin will be able to keep its clock and selected parameters.

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