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Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Jimmy JV11 is a new vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi which has interesting features and specifications to offer.

This vacuum cleaner, with 14 000 strong beats per minute, efficiently reduce the dust and mites wherever you want. The 35mm diameter roller brush has a soft rubber strips and an anti-static top. With a 22 cm suction hole, it can suck the pollutants drawn into the fuselage.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

JIMMY JV11 also has a 160mm UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp at the bottom of the fuselage, which releases 235.7nm wavelength ultraviolet rays, which can kill the mites that have been photographed. Ultraviolet lamps have photographic technology to prevent UV leakage and ensure user safety.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

There is a small handle dust cup attached to the cleaner to enhance its compact nature and lighten the weight.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11

The Power rating of Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 is 350 Watt. In addition to it, the Rated Voltage is about 220 Volts which means that you can use this vacuum cleaner without worrying about your electricity bills as the power it consumes is fair as compared to the other vacuum cleaners in the segment.

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The power cord length is 5m which should be enough for most users. You can plug this vacuum cleaner in one part of the house and clean another part of the house without worrying about the cord getting disconnected.

Another good feature of the device is the amount of noise it makes. It uses noise reduction technology which makes it really silent. The amount of noise it makes is very low, and it never exceeds the value of 78 dB so it won’t cause any disturbance to anyone.


  • Power: 350W
  • UV Lamp Power: 6W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Noise: ≤78dBA
  • Power Cord Length: 5m
  • Air Filter: MIF & Sponge

MIF & Sponge

Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 Vacuum Cleaner











  • UV sterilization
  • Cord Length
  • Scratch Resistance

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