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Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 Smart Home Kit Review

Xiaomi Mijia is a nice smart home kit that consists of a multifunctional gateway, zigbee version smart socket, wireless switch, human body and window door sensors.

Just have a look what you get for the price!

1 x Mijia Mutifunctional Gateway
1 x Mijia Zigbee Version Smart Socket
1 x Mijia Wireless Switch
1 x Mijia Human Body Sensor
1 x Mijia Window Door Sensor
1 x Sticker for Human Body Sensor
1 x Sticker for Wireless Switch
1 x Sticker for Door & Window Sensor
1 x Reset Needle
1 x User Manual

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Let’s have a closer look at the product you get in this kit now.

Multifunctional gateway is a cornerstone for your smart home system. Practically any Xiaomi Smart Hone sensor should match it in order to operate. Apart from that, the gateway works as an online radio, night light, and customized bell.

Smart socket (ZigBee version) is able to perform power counting, time switch, overload protection, and it adds smart function to all appliances that use it. For example, adding a human body sensor you can make an ordinary table lamp automatically switch on when someone enters the room, and automatically turn off after you leave. Using it with ordinary water heaters will allow you to use remote timing control when you want to have a bath. Using it with an ordinary exhaust fan will allow you to remote control it when you need air circulation.

Wireless switch is very simple to use, it just takes one key to control it. The included battery is enough for up to 2 years, and with this switch you need just one step to turn on the nightlights, switch off household appliances when leaving the home, and so on.

Human body sensor allows for motion detection and can be used for automatically turning on and off other devices. You can also use it as a burglary alarm, and it can be placed literally everywhere. The battery life is also 2 years. Some usecases include using it with air purifier to automatically switch it off when there’s nobody in the room; using it with nightlight to automatically switch it on when someone passes by; putting it on the pet door to inform you that your pet has left home or returned back; putting it beside the bed to automatically switch on the lights when you get up.

Window & door sensor monitors whether your door or window is open or closed. You can use it with a wireless switch to switch on the light once you come back home in the evening, or with Yeelight to automatically turn on the light in the kitchen, or with air purifier to turn it on when you open the window. Apart from that you can use it as an alarm system.

Xiaomi Mijia kit comes in a nice gift package, so it can even be a great present to your beloved. But remember to buy it for yourself, too: it’s 21st century already, and smart home is finally affordable to anyone.

Xiaomi Mijia











  • 5 in 1 kit
  • Affordable price
  • Endless smart home possibilities
  • Compatible with other Xiaomi smart home sensors

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